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No Matter What (ver. dance) - Patrick Victoria

No Matter What (ver. dance)
Patrick Victoria

wybierz demo:

No matter what they tell us, no matter what they do,
no matter what they teach us, what we believe is true.

No matter how they call us, how they attack,
no matter where they take us, we´ll find our own way back.

I can´t deny what I believe, I can´t be what I´m not,
I´ll know our love forever, I know no matter what.

If only tears were laughter, if only night was day,
if only prayers were answered, then we would hear god say.

No matter what they tell you, no matter what they do,
no matter what they teach you, what you believe is true.

And I will keep you safe and strong, and sheltered from the storm,
no matter where it´s barren, a dream is being born.


No matter who they follow, no matter where they lead,
no matter how they judge us, I´ll be everyone you need.

No matter if the sun don´t shine, (the sun don´t shine),
or if the skies are blue, (skies are blue),
no matter what the ending, my life began with you.

I can´t deny what I believe (what I believe),
I can´t be what I´m not (I know I know),
I know this love´s forever, that´s all that matters now no matter what.

No no matter what.
No no matter what..
(No no matter that´s all that matters to me)
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